Western Refining's CEO To Present At Bank Of America Merrill Lynch Refining Conference (Transcript)

Western Refining, Inc. ( WNR)

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Refining Conference Call

March 6, 2012 11:20 am ET


Jeff Stevens - President & CEO



Unidentified Analyst

And just to keep on the time, so it gives us great pleasure to welcome Western Refining. Jeff Stevens is their CEO. Please join me in welcoming Jeff to the podium. Thank you.

Jeff Stevens

I appreciate everybody's coming out this morning. I'm Jeff Stevens, I am the CEO of Western Refining and I will just go ahead and just get started. This is just an overview of the assets that we currently own, we have two refineries, we have one in El Paso Texas, it’s approximately a 130,000 barrel a day refinery, runs primarily WTI and WTS.

We have refinery up the Four Corners in the Gallup, it’s approximately 23,000 barrels a day and along with that in this geographical area, we have wholesale assets and retail assets that support the movement of product out of our two refineries and we also have some logistic assets throughout this region that also support our product terminals, asphalt terminals and crude gathering systems and pipelines.

When you look at Western, we kind of get grouped in as a Midcontinent refiner because of the types of crudes that we run are similar. What distinguishes Western from a Midcontinent refinery is really where we market our products. We have two distinct markets, we obviously market products in El Paso, Albuquerque and Northern Mexico and those markets historically are priced more like a Gulf Coast pricing, but we also supply a significant amount of gas and diesel into the Tucson and Phoenix markets.

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