Disappointed in Congress

In the "Executive Decision" segment, Cramer once again checked in with Andrew Littlefair, president and CEO of Clean Energy Fuels ( CLNE), a stock that's up 65% since Cramer last spoke with Littlefair just four months ago.

Shares of Clean Energy Fuels were dealt a pair of setbacks this week, as the company reported a larger-than-expected loss and in Washington, when Congress failed to pass a subsidy bill for natural gas trucks.

Littlefair said that he was disappointed by today's congressional action. He said our country was counting on leadership and simply didn't get it today. Supporting natural gas is the only policy that will get America off foreign oil, explained Littlefair, and the bill that was defeated wouldn't have cost taxpayers a dime.

But Littlefair remained upbeat, saying that America doesn't need Washington to do the right thing. He said major corporations are already moving to natural gas vehicles and as more and more climb on board, the downward pressure on oil prices will begin. For it's part, Littlefair said that Clean Energy Fuels is building 150 new natural gas fueling stations across the country and will "make a dent" in the infrastructure needed to make natural gas a reality.

In fact, Littlefair noted that the incremental cost for a company to purchase the latest generation natural gas truck pays for itself in just six to seven months, down from over a year just a few months ago.

Cramer said that investors shouldn't buy into Clean Energy Fuels for the short term, but rather because they know that our country is smarter than our leaders and will eventually adopt this clean-burning, domestic fuel.

Doing the Right Thing

In his second "Executive Decision" segment, Cramer spoke with Jim Hackett, chairman and CEO of Anadarko Petroleum ( APC), a stock that got slammed down 1.3% today after the company lowered production guidance for 2012. But underneath the headline number, Cramer noted that Anadarko is getting punished for doing the right thing, as the company shifts away from dry natural gas to more lucrative oil and liquid projects.

Hackett said that Anadarko stock will continue to move forward and he remains confident in the company's decision to reign in its growth in order to reduce some of its dry gas drilling operations.

He said that Anadarko still has huge assets and opportunities for growth, as offshore drilling remains an enormous resource for America. Hackett noted that just one of Anadarko's offshore platforms accounted for 2% of the country's total gas output at its peak, a phenomenal accomplishment.

When asked about today's disappointing news out of Washington, Hackett responded by saying that using natural gas for surface vehicles is "absolutely the answer" for our country. He said if we don't convert to the fuel, it would be a failure of leadership in both the public and private sector. Natural gas is America's way to get off imported oil.

Turning back to Anadarko itself, Hackett said that the company is a lot better off than it was a year ago, when it was dealing with the aftermath of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. He said the spill is behind the company and the underlying value of its assets are once again coming through in Anadarko's share price.

Finally when asked about his upcoming departure, Hackett said that Anadarko is in great shape and the company has prepared itself will for the transition to its new CEO. Cramer agreed with those sentiments, saying that Anadarko remains a great company with a terrific outlook.

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