Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital (VGHKS), the first and only public medical center in South Taiwan, is consolidating the management of its scheduled processing on all applications and platforms across the entire hospital with the BMC Control-M Workload Automation solution. This solution from BMC Software (NASDAQ: BMC), the recognized leader in Business Service Management (BSM), has resulted in a 50 percent improvement in operational and manpower efficiencies.

BMC is successfully expanding its footprint in the medical service sector in Taiwan, and its relationship with VGHKS exemplifies how medical centers and hospitals are deriving benefits from BMC solutions. These solutions help ensure efficient and safe execution of thousands of complex scheduled jobs every day as well as management of huge amounts of data connected by complex relationships in the ecosystem of medical services environments.

"After a rigorous evaluation process, we selected BMC Control-M as our new enterprise-level scheduling solution," said Shou Cheng Xiong, leader of Information Department at VGHKS. “By integrating and automating business processes and managing them from a single point of control, the platform provides a dynamic workload management solution that works across different systems and applications for the entire hospital now.”

Established in 1990, VGHKS has won public praise and recognition over the past two decades. However, its continuous growth, and the fact that it is the only public hospital in Southern Taiwan has also given rise to new challenges to the hospital’s IT system. Its IT team has had to manage an immensity of data and complexity of workflow processes that need access to statistics about the hospital, patients, daily revenues from all departments, changes in surgery priorities and duty shifts for more than 580 doctors and over 1,700 nurses and staff, and even specific details on particular diseases.

Facing increasing pressure to deliver faster and error-free IT performance, the VGHKS IT team’s most crucial problem was that its existing management system was unable to integrate with the mainframe host. This was because 80 to 90 percent of the hospital’s data is stored on the mainframe, while the applications run on the hospital’s open systems*. It could not seamlessly operate with those open systems on which all the applications were running. To solve the challenge, VGHKS sought a new automated solution from BMC, which minimized risk, eliminated delays between jobs, and integrated with the hospital’s existing IT infrastructure.

The BMC Control-M Workload Automation solution is now enabling the mainframe host of VGHKS to communicate with each of its open systems perfectly, integrating the management of critical scheduling processes from a single point of control, as well as eliminating errors in a simplified and automated manner. This in turn results in significant time saving by shortening the scheduled workload processing time by up to 50 percent.

Moreover, the BMC Control-M Workload Automation solution allows users to integrate their service level agreement (SLA) benchmarks to scheduled workloads in a single window from both business and technological perspectives. With the solution’s centralized GUI, the easy-to-use and intuitive interface does not require knowledge on mainframe or Time Sharing Option (TSO) mastery. As a result, manpower efficiency has improved by 50 percent and training time and costs related to IT staff have been reduced.

“In the medical industry, a huge amount of patient data and diagnostic statistics are transmitted every single day. This information is needed by processes that must be carried out at any time, making a robust and easy-to-manage IT infrastructure extraordinarily important,” said John Cheng, regional director of Mainframe Service Management, BMC Greater China. “BMC Control-M secures and executes data across mainframe and distributed environments, automates job scheduling and ensures security and stability while lowering cost. For VGHKS the benefits are clear: greater efficiency and productivity, reduced risk and a better quality experience for staff and patients alike.”

The implementation of the BMC Control-M Workload Automation solution only took six months to go live across the entire enterprise of VGHKS and it is performing flawlessly in a hybrid environment now. By unifying system operations and management across different systems and applications, the solution has helped VGHKS see the potential of further optimizing its IT system in the future, allowing IT to dynamically manage workloads to match ever-changing business priorities. This ensures that business needs are met – regardless of how complex or unpredictable they may be.

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*OPEN system: generally means the extra system besides the mainframe system

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