Fort Lauderdale
Here's the bad news: Fort Lauderdale is Orbitz's fourth-most popular spring destination. Airfare averages $333, while a room will set you back roughly $148 per night.

The good news: No undergraduate worth the sand they'll be sleeping on this spring break would ever consider Fort Lauderdale a place to party. Sure, grandma will tell some young undergrad how wild it used to be, but Fort Lauderdale's not even the kind of place that can keep a dueling piano bar in business anymore.

No, this is where parents go for a nice, relaxing day of family friendly fun at the beach. Maybe they catch a taco, hoagie or nice Italian dinner afterward. Maybe they sneak out to a blues bar or beach pub once the kids are asleep. Mostly, however, they just enjoy the fact that ground zero for all the Jersey Shore-worthy bass bumping and drunken grinding is miles down the coast.

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