Granted, the bull ride will end… and perhaps quite miserably. But until central banks begin tightening the screws, stocks probably have enough buyers to fight off short-sellers, bears and profit-takers. In other words, you may want to use the dips for opportunistic purchases.

Here are two ETFs that I will continue to purchase opportunistically:

1. Vanguard High Dividend Yield ( VYM). In the second half of 2011, dividend investing became all the rage. In the first few months of 2012, however, investors appear to have abandoned slow-'n'-steady performers for greater capital appreciators. And yet, many reliable dividend payers — Abbott Labs ( ABT), Altria ( MO), Cintas ( CTAS) — are still notching 52-week highs. If the geopolitical and economic risks have you on edge, Vanguard High Dividend Yield may be a safer ticket to ride.

2. EG Shares Low Volatility Emerging Market Dividend ( HILO). There’s a lot to like about this emerger. In February, the pursuit of dividend yield and less volatile price movement prevailed. In fact, HILO outhustled its older cousin and materials-heavy Vanguard Emerging Markets ( VWO). HILO tracks an index with a yield north of 6%, but doesn’t rely on riskier financial stocks in its higher-yielding efforts; rather, telecom, industrials and utilities lead the pack.


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