Wipro Management Presents At Goldman Sachs Technology And Internet Conference (Transcript)

Wipro Inc. ( WIT)

Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference

Feb 14, 2012, 10:30 AM ET


Julio Contreras - Goldman Sachs


Julio Contreras - Goldman Sachs

Okay, well we’re going to go ahead and continue. Sorry for the slight delay here. It’s a really intersecting day I think as we look across the whole IT services landscape here. We’ve gone from Canadian IP to Indian Offshore, some telecom IT specialists, and then a couple of other things along with the way with the whole broad IT services group and so it’s nice to kind of close out with you guys. Thank you for coming. This is the presentation opportunity for Wipro to kind of help us understand what you guys are doing and what you’re seeing in the space here. So just by my introduction, it’s (inaudible). You have responsibility for all the Americans or is it all.

Unidentified Company Representative


Julio Contreras - Goldman Sachs

International, okay, great. So maybe just by way of background, can you just give us a couple of quick thoughts around Wipro, what your focus and then we can jump in to some simple questions.

Unidentified Company Representative

Yes, sure. Thanks Julio. So a little bit about Wipro. The key thing which differentiates Wipro from others is the broad based portfolio of services which we have. We are at present in about 14 verticals. Three of them, main the banking, the enterprise, and the technology piece. Our revenue is well balanced across geographies, across service lines and across verticals and we don’t have reliance too much on any single customer or top five customers or top 10 customers. They are very well balanced.

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