Flextronics International Ltd. CEO Presents At Goldman Sachs Technology And Internet Conference (Transcript)

Flextronics International Ltd. ( FLEX)

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Technology and Internet Conference

Feb 15, 2012 01:20 PM ET


Paul Read - CFO


Craig Hettenbach - Goldman Sachs


Craig Hettenbach - Goldman Sachs

Great. Good morning, everyone. I'm Craig Hettenbach. I cover the IT supply chain at Goldman. Very pleased to have with us today, Paul Read, CFO of Flextronics, the second largest EMS company. So, thanks for being here, Paul.

Paul Read

How are you, Craig. Good morning, everybody.

Craig Hettenbach - Goldman Sachs

Great. So starting to kick off just being the second largest EMS company, such a lot of different end markets and just to get your sense of demand trends, inventory, what you're seeing out there, what you're hearing from customers at the start of the year?

Paul Read

Well, not much change to what we had talked about on our call at the end of January. We think the demand is pretty stable. Last year, we did see towards the back end of the year, multiple periods of a down graph, but that's stabilized in the December, January, February timeframe. So, we're very pleased with that. We're in a period right now, March quarter of course, it's a down graph in terms of consumer demand and some of the consumer products. But, the other businesses that we have NC and a stable to growing demand in the other sectors for us. So, that's pretty encouraging.

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