Tyco International's Management Presents At BAML 2011 Industrial Conference (Transcript)

Tyco International Ltd. ( TYC)

BAML 2011 Industrial Conference

December 6, 2011; 11:20 am ET


Patrick Decker - President

Antonella Franzen - Investor Relations


John Inch - Bank of America Merrill Lynch


John Inch

We are almost at the halfway point of day one. So far the conference is I think been exceeding expectations and I think it’s really worth everyone’s participation in the questions. I just, gauging other conferences I know that the questions have been very robust and interactive, so I’m hopping you get a lot out of these sessions.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the management team of Tyco Flow Control, Patrick Decker, has been President. Well certainly with Tyco Flow Control since ’03 and President since 2007, he is going to be the CEO of the newly emerged or soon to be emerged Tyco Flow Control and with me as well is Antonella Franzen, who has been Tyco’s IR and post separation, TBD right.

So what that, let me introduce Patrick.

Patrick Decker

Thanks John. Good morning everybody. I wanted to quickly just again put in perspective within the Tyco portfolio, who we are as Flow Control. Most of you probably are familiar with this chart. It shows the three current reported segments of Tyco International and Flow Control being about a just shy of a $4 billion piece of the total Tyco portfolio and again as John alluded to, obviously recently announced, we plan to spin out as three separate companies and expect that separation to be complete by the end of our fiscal year, which is end of September as a ADT North America Retail Business, a Global Commercial Fire and Security Business and the Flow Control business as you will learn about today.

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