Gold Fields Limited

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Nearest Resistance: $16.75

Nearest Support: $14.70

Catalyst: Gold price stumble

South African gold miner Gold Fields Limited ( GFI) is having a tough go of it this month. Since early February, shares of the firm have slid more than 10% as the price of gold pulled back from the $1800 level. Today, shares are getting attention again thanks to a big single-day pullback in gold prices.

From a technical standpoint, shares of Gold Fields are very close to testing support at the $14.70 level, a price that acted like floor for shares as recently as October. If GFI can catch a bid at that price, shares could make a similar rebound - that's a big "if" right now, but barring a sustained breakdown below $14.70, that's the most likely move for this stock.

A close below $14.70 followed by an open under that price in tomorrow's session would be a sell signal for shares.

Gold Fields is one of the top holdings at Fortress Investment Group and also shows up in John Paulson's portfolio.

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