Romney Super PAC Spending $30M on Attacks

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Restore Our Future, the super PAC supporting Mitt Romney, has spent more than $30 million up to Super Tuesday to attack Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.

Romney's inability to overwhelmingly sway the diverse electorate of conservative Republicans led to damaging losses to Gingrich in South Carolina and then to Santorum in Colorado and Minnesota.

The losses forced Romney's campaign and interest groups supporting his candidacy to launch large-scale, expensive assaults against surging opponents.

First, it was against Gingrich in the Florida primary, which came 10 days after the former House speaker whipped Romney for a shocking route in the South Carolina primary. Romney's campaign took to radio and television airwaves in the Sunshine State -- known as an expensive contest due to the state's size and diversity -- to grab a convincing 14.5 percentage-point win.

Restore Our Future played a massive role in those attacks against Gingrich, and through this month, the super PAC had spent $18.7 million to oppose the former speaker, according to Meanwhile, Winning Our Future, which backs Gingrich, has spent some $12.1 million supporting its candidate.

Romney's momentum from Florida vaulted him to a romp in the Nevada caucuses, but while the former Massachusetts governor focused heavily on Florida and Nevada -- contests separated by four days -- Santorum canvassed Minnesota and Colorado (and Missouri's "beauty contest") to filch delegates from overlooked caucus states .

Santorum won all three states, which again forced Romney and interest groups supporting his campaign to flip the assault switch , again.

Michigan and Arizona primaries came next on the Republican schedule. Michigan, Romney's home state and the state where his father was a three-term governor, could have dealt a devastating wound if the former governor lost.

Romney took to the television and radio airwaves again and managed to eke out a 3.2 percentage-point victory against Santorum. With only a one-week turnaround until Super Tuesday, Restore Our Future kept up the fight in Ohio -- a crucial general election battleground.

Up to Super Tuesday, the super PAC supporting Romney had spent some $11.4 million against Santorum, according to In the same time, Red, White and Blue Fund -- the super PAC backing Santorum -- had spent $5.2 million to support the former Pennsylvania senator, or about $6.2 million less than Restore Our Future had disbursed to attack the GOP hopeful.

Restore Our Future has spent a fraction, some $904,000 to support Romney.

Romney is widely considered the favorite to win the Republican nomination, but exactly when he will sure up the victory is difficult to predict.

Romney-favoring special interest groups' ability to fund-raise massive quantities of cash makes him a formidable foil to President Barack Obama's re-election efforts. Sure the GOP nomination race has been bitter for Romney, even devastating, but all the animosity in the world can't repudiate the fact that Romney and his supporters will have a chilling arsenal of donations hell-bent on denying Obama another Democratic victory for the White House.

Though, Obama may be quick to remind us of the $778.6 million he raised in 2008 ... without super PACs.

-- Written by Joe Deaux in New York.

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