Mimeo Expands Worker Mobility With The Aruba Networks Instant™ Virtualized-Controller Access Network

Aruba Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARUN) today announced that Mimeo, the online printing and distribution solutions company, has deployed Aruba’s Instant™ access points to expand its existing wireless infrastructure, connecting two additional manufacturing facilities to Mimeo’s corporate network.

Mimeo recently extended its operations, adding two manufacturing facilities in Hayward, Calif. and Cambridge, United Kingdom, to its existing locations in Newark, N.J. and Memphis, Tenn. The company is using Aruba Instant IAP-105s to provide wireless access for the two new facilities. In the U.K. facility, Mimeo runs its entire production facility on the wireless network, connecting a variety of both desktop and handheld devices, including PCs and Apple iPod touches and iPads, to the network.

For Shawn Winters, Director of IT Operations at Mimeo, cost and simplicity were the two critical factors he considered in selecting a wireless solution to bring these two locations online. “The Aruba Instant APs made it cost effective for me to bring these two facilities online with all of the features required to mimic our existing wireless infrastructure,” said Winters. “Beyond the cost, the most important criteria for me were security, simplicity and ease of management and the Aruba Instant IAPs delivered. I was able to train non-network experts on setting up a new network with the Instant IAPs in just five minutes.”

Winters was so impressed by the IAPs’ pervasive coverage, that he decided to run Mimeo’s entire production facility in the U.K. on the Aruba Instant wireless network.

“The coverage is just phenomenal,” said Winters. “In the U.K., we have three separate building units next to each other, each comprising about 30,000 square feet, and we’ve been able to use one or two Aruba Instant APs to cover the entire facility. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the signal coverage.”

Mimeo also uses the Instant APs to provide a guest wireless network which is separated from the production facility network by a secured firewall, something Winters believed would not be possible without the Aruba solution.

In November of 2011, Aruba announced enhancements to the Aruba Instant family of products, including two new APs, the Aruba Instant IAP-134 and Instant IAP-135, featuring 3x3 MIMO and operating at a maximum throughput of 900 Mbps. Mimeo is evaluating the new Instant APs for future expansion of their wireless network.

“Customers have embraced the powerful, enterprise capabilities combined with the low cost and simplicity of configuration and management, that are the hallmarks of the Aruba Instant family of products,” said Ben Gibson, chief marketing officer, Aruba. “We have continued to innovate and expand the Instant line – most notably, with the addition of the Instant IAPs 134 and 135 – to give our customers the best possible combination of enterprise features, affordability and ease of use.”

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