Super PACs Sustain Super Tuesday Spending Spree

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Super PACs supporting the Republican candidates are burning through mounds of cash ahead of Super Tuesday.

The four super PACs that support the remaining contenders -- Restore Our Future, Winning Our Future, Red, White & Blue Fund and Endorse Liberty -- have spent $5.9 million from Feb. 29 through March 4, according to

In those five days, Winning Our Future supporting Newt Gingrich has spent the most at $2.8 million, while Restore Our Future backing Mitt Romney spent just shy of that at $2.7 million. The super PAC supporting Rick Santorum, Red, White & Blue Fund, has disbursed $330,561.

The super PAC behind Ron Paul has shelled out the least by far in the past five days as Endorse Liberty has spent $2,337 for online advertising through Facebook, Google ( GOOG) and StumbleUpon and for fees to PayPal and Wells Fargo. Endorse Liberty's two biggest expenditures in this time have been a $938 buy for direct mail and a $978 payment for web development.

The GOP candidates and independent groups that support them have spent some $10 million on television and radio ads in seven Super Tuesday states, according to The Associated Press, which has brought total ad spending to more than $75 million, according to information provided to the AP by several media buyers.

All of Restore Our Future's opposition expenditures have been against Santorum, which means that Gingrich has been left untouched as he attempts to win his home state of Georgia -- the largest delegate count for Tuesday.

Restore Our Future is attacking Santorum through almost every conceivable avenue of communications, including television, radio, direct mail and phone.

Winning Our Future has spent heavily on email advertising and national radio advertising, along with the expected massive media buys on television, but none of that money has been spent on attacks against any of Gingrich's opponents. It's all been in support of the former House speaker.

Red, White & Blue Fund for Santorum made a massive television ad buy of $257,061 to support the former Pennsylvania senator, but also to oppose Romney and Gingrich. The rest of the money has been for phone contacts.

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