Facebook Lets Advertisers Target Mobile Users: Hot Trends

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Popular searches on the Internet include Facebook as the social networking giant announced "Premium on Facebook," a new way for advertisers to target Facebook users -- this time, on their mobile phones.

Advertisers now have the ability to distribute ads to users who have become fans of companies through their news feeds, the column on the right side of the page and in a log-out message. Users who are not fans of any companies can still see the ads, but only in the right-hand column.

This marks the first time Facebook will allow advertisers to target its mobile users. Over half of its 850 million members around the world use Facebook on their mobile phones.

Mortgages and foreclosures is trending as RealtyTrac found that sales of homes in some stage of foreclosure made up 24% of all U.S. residential sales during the fourth quarter.

RealtyTrac said it expects to see foreclosure-related sales increase this year, especially pre-foreclosures.

Activision Blizzard ( ATVI) is another popular search as the video publisher announced it is cutting 600 jobs around the world.

Activision is cutting jobs in its Internet games unit, which includes its most profitable game, World of Warcraft. The subscriber base for the game has declined over recent quarters. The company lost 700,000 subscribers during the third quarter of 2011 alone.

Activision said most jobs will not be related to game development and no World of Warcraft developers will lose their jobs. Activision did not specify how many jobs will be lost in the U.S.

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-- Written by Brittany Umar.
Brittany joined TheStreet.com TV in November 2006 after completing a degree in Journalism and Media Studies at Rutgers College. Previously, Brittany interned at the local ABC affiliate in New York City WABC-TV 7 where she helped research and produce On Your Side, a popular consumer advocacy segment.