I would like to introduce some other people just briefly here, because they are here and I'd like you to take the chance when we break to pick out those that you like to know more things about. And so Jim Brunner in the back there is our Senior Vice President and Chief Counsel, the very back; John Butler, Senior Vice President, HR and Shared Services, right over here, key player in our company; Bill Garrity, Senior Vice President, Energy Initiatives & Strategy, right over here, Bill, thank you, Bill; Glenn Barba, our Vice President, Controller, and Chief Accounting Officer, right over there near Bill; Laura Mountcastle, you all know is the Vice President of Investor Relations and Treasurer of the company, she must be in the ladies room; John Murphy, Executive Director, Corporate Finance in the back and then the bankers all know John; Bev Burger, Assistant Treasurer, bankers love Bev; and Phil McAndrews, (hitting the Poppe's head) in here just for a minute, Director of Investor Relations, a good friend, (he is knocking the Poppe's head in), but a really help to all of you, I know; Travis Uphaus, the Senior Financial Analyst in the back here in the Investor Relations side for us and in the Treasury side, some work there; and DV Rao, Executive Director for Financial Forecasting and Planning. Sometimes, when it looks like I really know about the numbers, I am just trying to remember what he told me, so that's the main event for guys like DV in helping me out a lot.

And on that note, it's a real pleasure to turn the show over now to our Chief Executive Officer, John Russell. John?

John Russell – Chief Executive Officer

Thanks, Tom. Good afternoon everybody. I really do appreciate you making the time to come and see us here today, particularly in this beautiful setting. It is absolutely gorgeous to be here in the thrill for all of us. We have the opportunity this afternoon to ring the bell in closing of the exchange today, which is a great honor for us at 125 years of the company. You saw the video before we started here today. I want to start with another video that we had much shorter, but talks a little bit about the company and something we are going to use as we go through the 125th year celebration. So, queue it up, we'll start with that and then we'll give you the presentation today.

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