Well, now I have a real distinct pleasure here at the beginning is just to introduce a few people and I'd like to ask them, just standup and just wave the hand, so you can see who they are, because one of the highlights of today is to get a chance to see the Executive Management team of the company. And so for some of you, when you hear me and I sort of look good and sound like I know what I am talking about, all I do is just try as best I can as to repeat everybody, but Jack, I do very much try to repeat what they know and things that they are experts on that I am not, but I at least can share with you a transparency into the company. You are going to meet the people that really do it and know how it works.

So, let me go down through the agenda that you have and I first introduce these folks. Dan Malone is the Senior Vice President for Distribution & Customer Operations and Patti Poppe works for Dan. She is the Vice President for Customer Experience & Operations, a new position for us and you are going to hear more about that and you've asked me many of you what's new today watch that spot, because there are some nice new things that I think are important to us. Jack Hanson is my favorite team member, Senior Vice President, Generation & Energy Supply, really one of the sharper folks we have in the company and I have learned a lot from him, just don't use it all. And then Ronn Rasmussen is the Vice President for Rates & Regulation and everybody knows that's an important post in any regulated company, and so you are going to I think learn some very interesting things from him today as well.

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