Company: Dunkin' Donuts
Opportunity: Yo, soy!
In many cities, coffee drinkers pledge allegiance to one of two camps -- you are either on Team Starbucks or Team Dunkin' Donuts ( DNKN).

The coffee wars may have heated up a bit when Dunkin' Donuts launched a successful IPO last year and has since battled its rival by beefing up a menu of specialty sandwiches. There's one battle, however, it has been losing -- getting on the good side of vegans.

Unlike Starbucks, where it is a standard offering, very few Dunkin' Donuts locations offer soy milk as an alternative to the bovine variety.

For the past couple of years, vegan activist groups including Compassion Over Killing and Mercy for Animals have held organized events such as "Ask for Soy Milk Day at Dunkin' Donuts."

Thus far, their efforts have been largely ignored, even though a smattering of locations in New York, Maryland and Washington, D.C., have added the option to their menu.

It is not just vegans Dunkin' Donuts could appease by offering soy milk. A growing number of lactose-intolerant Americans would also be better served and, perhaps, defect from Starbucks.

And while we are at it, has anyone at Dunkin' Donuts ever heard of this thing called "tea"?

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