Powerwave Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:PWAV), a global supplier of advanced solutions for wireless communications networks, today announced a new digital repeater platform, Nexus™ RT 5000, to address growing European 4G wireless coverage demands.

A cost-effective and discrete solution, the Nexus RT 5000 enhances the coverage and capacity of existing wireless networks, without requiring the installation of additional macro cell sites. As operators deploy 4G technology indoor and outdoor, the Nexus RT 5000 solution reduces capital and operational expenses and enables operator network sharing.

The Nexus RT 5000 delivers instantaneous frequency bands easily upgradable in the field, providing a multiple RF carrier architecture and advanced processing and network optimization capabilities, all within a smaller net hardware package. It also provides interference cancellation, which increases antenna isolation and allows greater operating gain without feedback oscillations. The solution supports up to eight individually adjustable sub-bands (with up to 20 MHz wide in each band), which yields up to 32 sub-bands for a fully equipped repeater for flexibility and high RF performance. The large number of supplied digital filters ensures operators have optimal performance for each specific application all within the same unit, whether using GSM, UMTS or LTE.

Ideal for multi-carrier and multi-band operations, the Nexus RT 5000 also reduces power requirements at the remote site with an output composite power of +36 dBM (with a per sub-band set gain from 55 to 100 dB in 1 dB steps).

Additional competitive features include:
  • Echo cancellation and power control
  • HSDA and GSM/GPRS/EDGE modem
  • MIMO support
  • Fiber feeding possibility
  • Flexible alarm definition and alarm receiver settings
  • Pentaband combiner

“European operators are grappling with which advanced wireless solutions to implement to effectively deploy 4G networks,” said Keith Kaczmarek, VP/GM of global wireless solutions at Powerwave. “Powerwave’s new digital repeater platform offers critical flexibility required in the early roll out stages. The solution greatly enhances carriers’ coverage and capacity through its unique echo cancellation and modular digital filtering capabilities to deliver the best and most reliable wireless experience.”

The IP65 enclosure with no fans offers superior reliability. The Nexus RT 5000 also provides future proofing and remote fleet management via a wireless modem supporting the SNMP protocol through NetWay or other third-party vendors, as well as email or SMS.

To speak with Powerwave about the Nexus RT 5000 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, February 27 – March 1, please visit #8B109.

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