You Said It: The Best Dow Forecaster on Twitter

BOSTON ( The Street) -- The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost five points this week, ending the week at 12,978. On Monday, we asked our Twitter followers to give us their Dow forecasts for the week, using the hashtag #dowguess.

For most of the week @JesseLammi was leading, but ultimately @SeanFrancesTS took the prize by coming one point closer to the closing figure. He guessed the Dow would close at 12,974. He wins some TheStreet goodies.

Thanks to everyone who played. Check @TheStreet on Monday for next week's round of #dowguess.

Here are the final standings:

JayZeis: 13,343

sstevieboy: 13,288

nate_obrien: 13,284

Catselan: 13,125

buradori: 13,117

JoanBar2: 13,113

DanwParisi: 13,067

nixon786: 13,027

Wil_Adams: 13,026

jimmysil: 13,011

___biotech___: 13,009

JesseLammi: 12,983

Dow's closing number Friday: 12,978

SeanFrancesTS: 12,974

Superrfly: 12,965

VishnuNath: 12,960

Jamie_Burkart: 12,879

cardwisdom: 12,877

jkosloski11: 12,873

davisch: 12,872

averwindz: 12,812

biocurtis: 12,805

Biopharminvest: 12,771

mjfetter: 12,765

rschnabe: 12,739

SmartStopsAlert: 12,702

myworldtrader: 12,695

LoneBullWolf: 12,693

Michael7888: 12,686

davidfeldt: 12,650

jbell63: 12,612

OrnellaGrosz: 12,450

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