Sourcefire First To Provide Next-Generation IPS With Integrated Application Control

Sourcefire, Inc. (Nasdaq: FIRE), a leader in intelligent cybersecurity solutions, today announced the first Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) to provide fully integrated and intelligent application control. Sourcefire®, which pioneered NGIPS in 2003, is extending its Agile Security™ vision by providing the world’s first NGIPS to incorporate real-time contextual awareness and full-stack visibility, together with intelligent security automation and granular application control.

Sourcefire’s application control enables companies to control access to thousands of applications and provides custom detection and control for homegrown applications. It equips customers with decisive threat-mitigating controls to reduce attack surface and to enforce use policies. With application detection and control in a universal NGIPS platform, Sourcefire customers can easily construct integrated security policies that balance access controls with robust threat prevention to comprehensively address application-layer risks.

Sourcefire NGIPS is built on the high-performance FirePOWER™ platform. In addition to application control, features in the latest NGIPS release include FireSIGHT™ contextual awareness and automation and enhanced reporting.

FireSIGHT provides:
  • Enhanced discovery of thousands of applications, including client-side applications, mobile browser versions and virtual machines
  • Real-time visibility into changing hosts, apps, users and network infrastructure
  • Network mapping and host profiling
  • Network and Layer 7 behavior analysis and anomaly detection
  • Automatic impact assessment of security events to filter out “noise”
  • Automatic recommended policies based on contextual awareness

Enhanced Application Reporting includes:
  • Application statistics providing visibility into usage by risk, by hosts, by bandwidth consumption, by browser version, and so on
  • Automatic email distribution of reports
  • The ability to easily create tailored reports by providing input modifiers to report templates at run time to drill down on subsets of data

“The battle for network security is based on the concept of information superiority, in which two of the most critical tenets are visibility and control,” said Martin Roesch, founder and CTO of Sourcefire. “A significant obstacle to establishing information superiority is the rapid pace of change – both within the IT environment and the broader threat landscape. Sourcefire offers the first true defense-in-depth solution to these challenges. While other vendors have a framework, our real-world solution has multiple components that work in tandem to allow us to first ‘see it’ and then ‘control it’ – and by so doing, gain the information superiority advantage.”

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