Powerwave Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:PWAV), a global supplier of advanced solutions for wireless communications networks, today announced the general availability of its award-winning Picocell, designed for increasing system capacity, enhancing coverage and enabling rapid deployments using 4G LTE and Wi-Fi.

A compact LTE base station and Wi-Fi access point, the Powerwave Picocell is ideal for areas with high data usage, such as crowded venues and arenas, or in remote locations where network signals are weak. As part of Powerwave’s larger Inside Out Solutions™ initiative, it delivers targeted mobile broadband coverage and capacity both indoors and outside for better signal quality and reduced network congestion. Powerwave’s Picocell enables fast network deployment to any conflict zone in the globe, where soldiers can instantly share multimedia, such as video and high-resolution photos, with each other or with command centers around the world.

At 1/10 th the capital expenditure cost of a typical macro cell site, the Picocell delivers 12 to 15 times the data capacity. Its compact form factor and attractive design blends in with the outdoor environment and enables rapid deployment in the most challenging coverage situations.

“Powerwave’s LTE Picocell has already received successful feedback in initial trial deployments with a major government integrator and an agency of the US government,” said Khurram Sheikh, chief technical officer of Powerwave. “Mobile World Congress presented an ideal venue to announce the general availability of the product for the larger public and our wider network of customers.”

As part of Powerwave’s larger commitment to small cell technology, the Picocell enables operators to address challenging deployment situations. Such situations include temporary events (concerts, festivals, demonstrations, vigils, sporting events, etc.), high-rent districts or historical preservation zones, and geographically insulated areas such as urban canyons and sporting venues. Powerwave’s small cell and Inside Out products offer cost-effective solutions for building network infrastructure and providing coverage and capacity where users need it most.

To speak with Powerwave about its new Picocell products at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, February 27 – March 1, 2012, please visit booth #8B109.

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