So we really are a leader and our ability to provide services in the benefits arena, insurance and wealth management. We have built the company through the organic growth of the businesses and we are also a very active acquirer. And one of the reasons why 2011 was so critical to us was that you saw us come back into the acquisition world and particularly in the world of employee benefits and property and causality.

Open architecture as I mentioned before is absolutely key to us. We really believe that that client relationship is everything and to be in a conflict to free environment to help client solve the problems is what differentiates in the market place and then finally, after some rough times during the downturn and I’ll kind of walk though the evolution of the company, we are really very well positioned for growth as we look forward.

We are organized in three client segments. Our first, our largest and the client segment that delivers the most recurring revenue is our corporate client group. There we provide health and welfare benefits to our corporate clients. We are in the 401-K business, we are in the ancillary business, we are in the group, life group disability business and then last year one of our major acquisitions was in the PNC business, to really help build our presence there, so we could also cross sell in that market place.

The majority of our corporate business is in the small middle market place, which we think has great opportunity for us. It’s really a big part of the growth of our country and in our executive benefits businesses where we actually deal with companies that tend to be larger in the fortune 100. So the majority of our business is in this sort of 100 to 3000 live world and then we do have some specialty areas that go all the way up to the Fortune 100. We are the eighth largest global insurance broker in the world. I think people don’t always realize that about us, but we really built our presence there.

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