As we started 2011, we knew that while the fundamental purpose of our job may not have changed, the world in which we did our job had changed a lot. We would have to change the way we engage with our clients. The changes we had already made to offer websites and online Yellow Pages and search engine marketing as products along with the print Yellow Pages were not enough. We challenged ourselves to find out directly from business owners what they needed and how we could provide it. Business owners told us that they felt overwhelmed, that they did not understand all of today's local media choices. The confusion of online, social, mobile apps, deals, key words, SEO, blogs, tweets and so on. They did not have the training to deal with it. They did not have the time to deal with it. They did not have the staff to deal with it. The owners also told us that they still needed to reach new customers. They still wanted proof that their advertising worked. And that they would love to have someone they could trust to simplify things and take care of it all for them.

So we took their advice. We developed integrated solutions offering presence and promotion. Presence, listings across the major search engines and portals and other sites. Social media maintenance and updating for Facebook, as well as reputation monitoring, and websites optimized for the web but also companion mobile sites optimized for the explosion of the use of smartphone and tablet formats. In promotion, lead and call generating solutions combining search engine marketing syndication through local sites and mobile ad networks and even print Yellow Pages. And we included measurement and reporting to track the performance and prove the value of each item. We tested the solutions in different markets. And as I mentioned on our Q3 call, we launched formal trials of the new approach in 6 selected markets during the fourth quarter. We wanted to answer 2 basic questions: What works best for explaining the value of the new solutions to existing clients? What works best when calling on prospective clients?

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