BMC Software (NASDAQ: BMC), the recognized leader in Business Service Management (BSM), today announced that ME Bank, a genuinely fairer banking alternative for members of industry super funds and unions, achieved multiple processing improvements and enhanced customer service with the BMC Control-M Workload Automation solution. BMC Control-M is part of ME Bank’s strategy to ensure it meets and exceeds customers’ expectations regarding any technology-related services.

With the BMC Control-M Workload Automation solution, ME Bank achieved significant improvements and moved from being reactive to proactive in regards to their scheduled processing. This effort resulted in a 95 percent reduction in scheduling errors, 80 percent reduction of scheduled processing incidents and 40 percent reduction in the overnight batch window processing time.

“In 2010, the IT team ran a project to implement BMC Control-M and transform the way we do batch processing across our systems. The benefits realisation is evident today, and the project has been a great success story within the bank,” said Kathryn Hawkins, CIO, ME Bank.

To provide ME Bank greater visibility into the batch process and to establish automated processes to speed remedial actions, the bank put two options through its paces – the BMC Control-M Workload Automation solution and a CA Technologies tool. The bank was seeking a proof of concept for the environments and looking for rigor beyond the pure technical capabilities of the solutions.

“BMC Control-M was a clear winner across all the areas we were looking for in the proof of concept – and was particularly strong in terms of their partnership with Identity Solutions and the reference sites we spoke with,” said Gendry Morales, application services manager, ME Bank.

One of the key requirements from ME Bank was the need to perform rigorous planning ahead of the rollout since there were several applications involved, and it was important to avoid a “big bang” approach in order to reduce risk. The bank worked with BMC partner Identity Solutions and developed a phased roll out of the project with the first go-live commencing in May 2010. By November 2010, the credit card system, savings account system, and loan system were all live and operational in BMC Control-M.

ME Bank received an exceptionally high customer rating of 86 percent in the MOZO People’s Choice award for Best Customer Service and the 2011 CANSTAR Blue – Most Satisfied Customers Award, which supports ME Bank’s belief that selecting the right technology is one of the keys to servicing customers.

“On the first night we implemented BMC Control-M for Ultracs, ME Bank’s banking platform from Ultradata, we achieved a three-hour reduction in the average Ultracs overnight batch window, because BMC Control-M managed dependencies and ran downstream processes as soon as they were ready instead of at fixed times. In the past, we had to schedule jobs to run at specific times and cater for longest run time as we did not have the sophistication of a tool like Control-M,” said Morales.

Carving out free time from the batch window not only offers the bank the opportunity to expand its product offerings and customer base, but also provides the IT team with a more predictable and larger window of opportunity for performing other tasks such as memory or system upgrades.

“Before BMC Control-M, we had the equivalent of one full-time employee resolving batch issues due to the manual work involved. With BMC Control-M, we’ve reduced that to 20 percent of an employee’s time. With that newly freed time, we are focusing on strategic and proactive planning and are more freely able to engage the support team in development efforts,” Morales said.

“We had a batch failure and Control-M enabled our 24/7 support team to receive an automated SMS alert and quickly resolve the issue with zero customer impact,” Morales said. “The business never knew there was a problem.”

The rigor that went into the pre-planning also means that ME Bank is able to quickly add new batch processes into the BMC Control-M Workload Automation solution, allowing new systems to go into production quickly.

“BMC Control-M Workload Automation, combined with Identity Solutions’ expert delivery and support, helped the bank to improve customer service and enabled it to drive more innovation,” Morales said.

The BMC Control-M Workload Automation solution is now a key part of the bank’s systems architecture, and the service it provides is well aligned with the ME Bank business strategy.

“We combine straightforward, low-cost products with real service, and by speeding up scheduled processes, we are able to maintain our commitment to providing genuinely fairer banking to industry super fund, union and employer association members,” said Hawkins.

Read the full case study here.

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