Free Finale Notepad Allows Anyone To Create Music

MakeMusic, Inc. (NASDAQ: MMUS) today announced the release of Finale NotePad ®, now available as a free download. NotePad is music notation software that enables anyone to create, play and print sheet music.

“MakeMusic shares our customers’ devotion for creating music, and we are pleased to offer our entry-level app as a free download,” said Karen van Lith, MakeMusic CEO. “Hobbyists, students, educators and musicians will find NotePad fun and easy to use.”

NotePad users can enter notes, lyrics and markings to produce scores with up to eight instruments – more than enough to create lead sheets, guitar tablature, choral arrangements and many other forms of popular music. When they wish to create larger scores, or desire more control over the look and sound of their music, they will find it easy to trade up to other MakeMusic products, including PrintMusic and Finale, MakeMusic’s industry-standard music notation software.

With NotePad, music plays back with high-quality sounds and prints beautifully. Musicians can also share their electronic files with others using a wide variety of music programs, including Finale.

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About MakeMusic, Inc.MakeMusic ®, Inc. is a world leader in music technology whose mission is to develop and market solutions that transform how music is composed, taught, learned and performed. For more than 20 years, Finale ® has been the industry standard in music notation software, enabling composers, arrangers, musicians, teachers, students and publishers to create, edit, audition, print and publish musical scores. MakeMusic is also the creator of SmartMusic ® education software that is transforming the way students practice. With SmartMusic, students and teachers have access to thousands of band, orchestra and vocal pieces allowing students to practice with background accompaniment and get immediate feedback on their performance. SmartMusic allows teachers to individualize instruction and document the progress of every student. The SmartMusic® Inbox™, an Android™ and Apple ® mobile application, provides additional access for teachers to review, grade and comment on student assignments. MusicXML™ is an Internet-friendly way to publish musical scores, enabling musicians to distribute interactive sheet music online and to use sheet music files with a wide variety of musical applications. Garritan sound libraries provide musicians with state-of-the-art virtual instruments with the playback quality of a live performance. Additional information about this Minnesota company can be found at

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