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Bankrate ( RATE) went public in last June, in what amounted to one of the more successful IPO stories of the year. While "more exciting" high-profile tech names such as Groupon ( GRPN) floundered in the months after their offering dates, Bankrate rallied more than 40% from its first print back in June. Of course, not all of that attention has been good, and now short sellers are waiting for the other shoe to fall, pushing RATE to a short ratio of 12.

While most of the other names on this list have made their money by courting institutional and other professional investors, Bankrate's business is centered on consumer personal finance. By matching up consumers with mortgages, insurance, and around 300 other financial products in a transparent way, the company is able to keep both its customers and financial firms happy. That's clear from the firm's financials: the firm saw relatively stable growth throughout the recession, minus a slight sales contraction in 2009.

With short-sellers counting on a material misstep in Bankrate's performance, they may be sorely disappointed. The fact remains that consumers are becoming more and more discerning about their financial products, and Bankrate's services are still one of the most popular tools to evaluate them on an even playing field.

Once this stock gets more operating history under its belt, shorts should start to shake out.

I also featured Bankrate, which shows up on a list of 4 Tech Stocks for 2012, in " 5 Tech Sector Stocks Funds Love."

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