Contango Fighter, GASZ, Significantly Outperforms Leading Natural Gas ETF, UNG

UBS Investment Bank today announced that the ETRACS Natural Gas Futures Contango ETN (Ticker: GASZ), linked to the ISE Natural Gas Futures Spread™ Index (the “Index”), has significantly outperformed the leading natural gas ETF, the United States Natural Gas Fund (Ticker: UNG), year-to-date, during the last 6 months and since both products could be purchased on an exchange.

GASZ is designed to capitalize on potential contango market environments typical to natural gas futures contracts. GASZ offers the potential to profit from the negative roll costs associated with the steepness in the short end of the natural gas futures curve, making it suitable for long-term investment horizons. Securities which fail to address the negative roll costs associated with contango markets lose value over time as investors are forced to repeatedly sell futures contracts at low prices and replace these with higher priced futures contracts.

YTD Total


6-Month Total


Total Return Since

GASZ 5.80% 12.78% 14.91%
UNG -14.52% -44.92% -51.26%

Source: Bloomberg, 2/6/2012

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