RTI Biologics Inc. (RTI) (Nasdaq: RTIX), a leading provider of orthopedic and other biologic implants, is highlighting two new allografts and introducing a public education website at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) annual meeting in San Francisco this week. BioAdapt™ DBM, a sterile, room temperature DBM implant that provides a contoured fit to bony defects; Fresh-stored Osteochondral Humeral Head, an allograft that enables surgeons to resurface osteochondral defects in a single procedure; and AllograftInfo.com, an informational website to educate patients and the general public about allograft tissue, will be showcased at the RTI Biologics exhibit at booth 4137 (Hall E) during the AAOS meeting at the Moscone Center.

BioAdapt™ DBM BioAdapt™ DBM is a flexible demineralized bone matrix (DBM) solution with unique handling capabilities. Designed to maximize ease of use, BioAdapt is a sterile, room-temperature implant offered in five pre-shaped options to meet the bone grafting needs of trauma, reconstructive, spine and extremity surgeons. With foam-like properties, BioAdapt expands with hydration to adapt to the contours of the bony defect. This versatile implant offers flexible, yet cohesive handling characteristics, making it easy to shape or mold to fit various defects.

The BioAdapt carrier component is sterilized through the BioCleanse® Tissue Sterilization Process and the DBM component is sterilized through the Cancelle® SP DBM Sterilization Process, which was specifically designed to preserve protein activity. BioAdapt DBM is available exclusively from RTI Biologics. For more information or to speak with an RTI’s customer service representative please contact (800) 624-7238.

Fresh-stored Osteochondral (OC) Humeral Head

RTI Biologics’ Fresh-stored OC Humeral Head allograft enables surgeons to resurface osteochondral defects with mature hyaline cartilage and healthy subchondral bone in a single procedure. The Fresh-stored OC Humeral Head is cleansed, processed and preserved to maintain chondrocyte viability.

Fresh-stored osteochondral allografts are more desirable than frozen because hyaline cartilage exhibits diminished cell viability and matrix degeneration after freezing. In addition, cartilage resurfacing allows for repair of damaged subchondral bone and provides mature hyaline cartilage, which can increase load-bearing capability compared to fibrocartilage. Over time, the graft allows for incorporation into the patient’s native tissue, which may result in a smooth, functional cartilage surface in the joint. For more information or to speak with an RTI’s customer service representative please contact (800) 624-7238.


AllograftInfo.com is an informational website designed to educate patients and the general public about allograft tissue. AllograftInfo.com explores the use of allograft, or human donated tissue, in surgery, as well as provides links to relevant research and articles. The website also addresses several frequently asked questions and provides suggestions on what patients could ask their surgeon when considering allograft.

AllograftInfo.com was created to provide patients a convenient and easy-to-understand portal for education on allograft tissue as an available option in a variety of surgeries.

About RTI Biologics Inc.

RTI Biologics Inc. is a leading provider of sterile biologics implants for surgeries around the world with a commitment to advancing science, safety and innovation. RTI prepares human donated tissue and bovine tissue for transplantation through extensive testing and screening and using proprietary processes. These allograft and xenograft implants are used in orthopedic, dental and other specialty surgeries.

RTI’s innovations continuously raise the bar of science and safety for biologics – from being the first company to offer precision-tooled bone implants and assembled technology to maximize each gift of donation, to inventing validated sterilization processes that include viral inactivation steps. The processes – the BioCleanse® Tissue Sterilization Process, Cancelle® SP DBM Sterilization Process and the Tutoplast® Tissue Sterilization Process – have a combined record of millions of implants distributed with zero incidence of allograft-associated infection. These processes have been validated by tissue type to inactivate or remove viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores from the tissue while maintaining biocompatibility and functionality.

RTI’s worldwide corporate headquarters are located in Alachua, Fla., with international locations in Germany and France. The company is accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks in the United States and is a member of AdvaMed.

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