About 55% of our revenue and a much higher percent of our EBITDA comes from aftermarket sales. Aftermarket revenues have historically produced a higher gross margin and provided relative stability in the downtimes. Because of our uniquely high EBITDA margins, typically approaching 50%, and relatively low capital expenditure requirements, about 2% or less of revenue, TransDigm has year in and year out generated strong free cash flow. We pay close attention to our capital structure and view it as another means to create shareholder value. As you know, we have been in the past and continue to be willing to lever up when we either see good opportunity or view our leverage as sub-optimum for value creation. We typically begin to deleverage pretty quickly.

We have a well-proven, value-based operating strategy, focused around what we refer to as our three value drivers; new business development, continual cost improvement and value-based pricing. We stick to these concepts as the core of our operating management methodology. This consistent approach has worked for us through up and down markets and has allowed us to continually improve and increase the intrinsic value of our business while steadily investing in new business and platform positions.

We have also been successful in regularly acquiring and integrating businesses. We acquire proprietary aerospace products with significant aftermarket content. We've been able to acquire and improve proprietary aerospace businesses through all phases of the cycle. Through our consistent focus on our operating value drivers, a clear acquisition strategy, and close attention to our capital structure, we've been able to create intrinsic value for our shareholders for many years through up and down markets. This just completed quarter was again active.

In addition to all the operating activity, we closed on Harco $83 million. We also announced an agreement to buy AmSafe for about $750 million. The AmSafe price includes tax benefits over the next 10 years to TransDigm in the range of $70 million on a net present value basis. The tax benefits are front-end weighted to a certain degree.

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