NEW YORK (MainStreet) -- The Giants may have won the Super Bowl, but Doritos won the equally competitive contest for the best ads during the game.

The Brand Bowl, a Super Bowl ad-rating feature hosted on each year, analyzed 400,000 tweets to find the most and least effective commercials during the big game in terms of overall views and positive feedback. Doritos' Super Bowl commercials earned the highest score in this competition by being the most talked about with 48,498 tweets and the third-most well-liked with a 29% approval rating.

There are ads Super Bowl viewers can't stop talking about ... and a few that were less than impressive.

Doritos followed the same playbook it has used for each of the previous four years by holding a Crash the Super Bowl contest in which fans can submit videos for a chance to have them air during the game. Several of the ads have earned buzz well before kickoff.

M&M's commercials sparked 18,316 tweets, far fewer than Doritos, but they had by far the highest favorability rating of any that aired, which may be a testament to the new Ms. Brown character that the company introduced. GoDaddy's commercials, on the other hand, were the least well-liked of any that aired, perhaps proving that controversy isn't always the best approach for Super Bowl advertising.

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The real losers are arguably those who spent big bucks buying ad time and failed to get anyone to talk about their commercials afterward. These include companies such as Cadillac, Century 21 and Lexus, each of which generated fewer than 1,000 tweets for their Super Bowl commercials.

Here are the 10 brands that had the most effective commercials, according to Brand Bowl's data:

1. Doritos (48,498 tweets) (Sentiment +29%)
2. H&M (43,536 tweets) (Sentiment +14%)
3. Chrysler (33,943 tweets) (Sentiment +10%)
4. Pepsi (39,242 tweets) (Sentiment +8%)
5. Chevrolet (36,934 tweets) (Sentiment +17%)
6. M&M's (18,316 tweets) (Sentiment +41%)
7. Budweiser (18,916 tweets) (Sentiment +12%)

8. VW (17,131 tweets) (Sentiment +26%)
9. Coke (18,463 tweets) (Sentiment +4%)
10. Bud Light (15,298 tweets) (Sentiment +18%)

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