Love Your Retirement Plan? Take the Quiz

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Richard Schmitt

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Certain features endear us to those we love. Yet often we yearn for a way to measure the depth of that special bond. And now here for the first time, you can take a quiz to assess how much you're feeling the love of your workplace retirement program.

Before you can compute the depth of your Retirement Love, you will need to answer each question in the Retirement Love Survey below by selecting all applicable responses.

Retirement Love Survey

1. I am covered by the following retirement plan(s):
a. Traditional defined benefit pension plan paying annuity income at retirement.
b. 401(k) or other retirement savings plan paying out whatever is left after I'm done with it.
c. One or more plans that seem to involve a lot of smoke and mirrors.
d. None, or I must have been out that day when they talked about them.

2. Other than for plan administration, my employer pays this much toward my retirement plan(s):
a. Everything; that's why I like working there.
b. Half or more of what I put in - not too shabby.
c. Less than half of what I put in - not nearly enough if you ask me.
d. Nothing, that cheapskate!

3. My retirement plan lets me invest among the following number of investment options:
a. More than 20; I'm totally confused.
b. 11 - 20; It's still scary.
c. 1 - 10; Sure... I know exactly what I'm doing.
d. None; Well, I guess they just don't trust me.

4. My employer offers the following guidance in the investment of my retirement plan money:
a. They take care of it so I don't have to worry my pretty little head.
b. Individual investment advice or account management to help me sleep at night.
c. Target-date retirement funds with holdings that generally get more conservative the closer I get to retirement.
d. None, I am on my own. I guess they don't really care as they must really want me to work here an awful long time before I can afford to retire.

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