Jimmy Johnson
As a football coach -- especially as the brash, good ol' boy who led the Miami Hurricanes and Dallas Cowboys -- Jimmy Johnson was never shy about voicing his opinions. As a Fox ( NWS) Network football analyst, he continues to be an opinionated, polarizing figure.

Apparently, what allows him to be so colorful is a lack of shame. How else to explain his endorsement deal with ExtenZe, an herbal supplement billed as "natural male enhancement."

The ads use various euphemisms to get around actually saying "larger penis." That might have something to do with a 2006 fine of $300,000 levied by the Orange County, Calif., District Attorney's Office for false advertising, notable an inability to support claims it could grow the appendage in question by nearly a third its size. Even an ingredient known to botanists as "horny goat weed" may not be able to live up to that promise.

Despite the occasional class-action suit and the embarrassment most of us would feel to be telling America we are a proud user of such a supplement, Johnson seems at ease with his role.

He has described himself as an ""an unabashed user" and, in one commercial boasts: "Most men want to perform the best they can in just about everything ... Go long with ExtenZe. I do."

Some things just cannot be unseen or unheard.

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