By the same token, the very same countries that currently have little opportunity to prime the economic pump are performing the best out of the 2012 gate. One may get excited about the S&P 500 rising more than 5% month-over-month or one may get really enthusiastic about 12% for Asian stalwarts like South Korea (EWY). On the other hand, the harder Poland (EPOL) and Turkey (TUR) and Egypt (EGT) fell, the larger the 20%-plus jump higher (month-over-month).

In sum, several emerging economies cannot rely on government maneuvering as much as others. Those that cannot rely on policy changes are more prone to the ill effects that eurozone debt contagion has on the entire globe. And, by extension, they are larger beneficiaries of debt crisis resolution.

For most folks, the super-sized rewards of the "tapped out" grouping isn't worthy of the risks. In contrast, the majority of wiggle-room contenders reside in Asia. Use stop-limit loss orders for investments is Asian neighbors like South Korea (EWY) and Singapore (EWS).

EWS 200
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