Simply Gorgeous Apps to Get Your Life in Sync

DENVER ( TheStreet) -- Now that The Cloud is so trendy, mobile app developers are figuring out how to make it work for people who need to keep all their apps, devices and life in sync.

We're just glad that some are doing it with enviable style and visual restraint while not sacrificing on the app's usefulness. Here are some iPhone and iPad app standouts that are doing this beautifully.


The gorgeously minimalist Tempus Event Calendar for iOS shuns excessive separator lines and busy icons. It simply tells users what's on the schedule. Tempus is based on the original Calvetica app, which developer Mysterious Trousers has since added many more features, like snoozable alerts, alternative views and a cloud-syncing task list.

Users complained so developers stripped it back down to create Tempus. Thankfully, they left something users can't live without: Syncing with Google Calendar, MobileMe and Exchange. $2.99 +

To-do List:

Clutter-free to-do lists are essential. Guess that's why Wunderlist is so wonderful. Not only does it look good, it's quick. Start typing to add a new list or items to a list; swipe item and touch to delete. You can also email items to a list and share lists via email and Facebook.

And if you still use a computer, sync lists using the free desktop software. Also available for Android, BlackBerry and iPad (Wunderlist HD). Free +


For a simple note-taking app free from distracting email (a feature in iOS' built-in Notes app), Notefile from Junecloud does just that, offering a clean layout and font.

Best of all, press the "sync" text at the bottom and the note is immediately updated on all iOS devices and, if you installed the free software, your Mac. Junecloud also offers a free web version for alternative access. $4.99 +


Bookmarks are great for keeping track of favorite web sites - if you remember where you stashed them. The new alternative has to be Evernote, which encourages you to keep track of notes, photos, voice recordings and every web page you want to remember. It can grab just the link or a copy of the entire page - images included. The app is available for nearly every mobile device and computer, plus it's all searchable - by word, tag or location. Free, but for $5/month, you can access everything offline too. +

Napkin Sketches:

Sure you can email an image of that great-idea-that's-going-to-make-you-a-millionaire sketch penned on a cocktail napkin or phone.

But if you or a partner want to collaborate without too much downtime, the Penultimate drawing and handwriting app now syncs directly with a Dropbox or Evernote account. $0.99 +


PhotoSync keeps photos on all devices - and photo sites - in sync without the usual Apple requirement of a cable. It's fast, smooth and simple.

The app uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to transfer or receive photos between an iPhone or iPad and a Windows or Mac computer (which need to download free software). It also can quickly add images to Flickr, Dropbox, Google+, Facebook and even plain FTP. And it works with untouched raw images. $1.99 +

-- Written by Tamara Chuang.
Tamara Chuang is an outside contributor to TheStreet. Her opinions are her own.