ExxonMobil ( XOM)

Description: Exxon is the world's largest-publicly traded multinational oil and gas company. This oil major operates in most parts of the world, with oil and gas exploration projects in six continents.

Potential Upside in 2012: Approximately 10%, according to Todd Horwitz, chief trading strategist at the Adam Mesh Trading Group.

Stock Price (Jan. 23 Close): $87.47

TheStreet Ratings Grade: Buy. TheStreet Ratings team cautions that Exxon wasn't able to grow at a faster pace than its industry peers in the third quarter, despite a big increase in sales and net income. Still, stockholders' equity increased 7.52% in the period from the same time last year.

Horwitz's View: As one of the biggest names in the oil industry, Exxon, says Horwitz, could benefit from big stumbling blocks for Keystone. Horwitz says that Exxon, like many other oil companies, continues to be able to take advantage of the volatile oil prices that come from too much dependence on unreliable oil sources in the Middle East. But "if you bring it in from Canada -- although the oil is a little dirtier -- there would be more of a standard price point," Horwitz says of this friendly business partner of the U.S. In this type of situation, these bigger oil companies wouldn't be able to take advantage of an "underlying, hidden price factor."

Horwitz notes that Exxon, as a very heavily traded stock, would probably be less susceptible to sharp price spikes.

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