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By Tom Taulli, InvestorPlace Writer

NEW YORK ( InvestorPlace) -- It's not too hard to develop a daily-deal site. All it involves are some basic e-commerce capabilities as well as an e-mail marketing system. The big problem is getting users and merchants to the site.
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  • Based on a recent report from Daily Deal Media, 798 daily-deal sites shut down in the last six months of 2011 (on a global basis). Then again, this represented only a 7.61% drop in the overall numbers. Keep in mind that most of the closures were in Asia, which saw 1,348 sites disappear.
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  • All in all, this should be good news for leaders such as Groupon ( GRPN) and LivingSocial. They definitely benefit from their scale and brand power. Still, they are likely to feel heat from other large players, such as Amazon ( AMZN) and Google ( GOOG).
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  • Daily Deal Media came up with some other interesting data as well. Its survey of merchants shows that 35% are unprofitable. Yet satisfaction increased by 17% from June 2011 to December. Why? For the most part, a daily deal is not really about making money. Instead, it's a way to generate buzz, which hopefully will lead to future business.

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