Google+ ( GOOG)
So maybe the Facebook hatred wasn't as deep as it appeared.

Google+ didn't quite take off as the social answer to Facebook or Twitter when it was released last year, but a ton of tweaks to Google's search algorithm and to the Google+ news feed are making it a very different product than it was at inception. Too bad a sizable target audience isn't getting that message.

While the casual social media user may see a headline here or there about how Google+ changes are angering Twitter or how Google is changing everything about how you search for anything in the world ever, it's not prying them off of Facebook or hauling them into Google+ in any large numbers.

If you're Google and you know you have a superior product that can do amazing things if people just give it a chance, why wouldn't you scream out its praises on the biggest stage possible? Apple isn't above it when introducing its iNextBigThing and Google shouldn't fear it if it really wants Google+ to become a standard instead of a social media also-ran.

Analyst Paul Allen notes the site just passed 62 million members, which Facebook didn't hit until four years into its lifespan. Strong Android device sales are only making the site more integrated and accessible and Allen says it's not a stretch to say Google+ could have 400 million users -- or half of Facebook's current user base -- by the end of 2012.

Adweek's already named Google's Dear Sophie one of the best ads of 2011. Nobody's saying Google has to produce another Apple 1984 piece, but if they're going to change the game in a big way, a big push wouldn't hurt.

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