Dataram Corporation (NASDAQ: DRAM), a leading international manufacturer of computer memory, storage and software products, announces the immediate availability of additional lines of memory products and upgrades to benefit customers.

Dataram now offers a new family of memory products for Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Servers and C-Series Rack-Mount Servers. Cisco Systems jumped into the server market about two years ago and has become the third largest player in blades globally, after HP and IBM, according to recent IDC reports. All Cisco UCS servers feature Intel Xeon processors. Cisco’s data center technology ties server, storage and networking into a single Unified Computing System, or UCS.

“This new product line will provide our customers with compatible memory products for the latest Cisco UCS B-Class blade servers and C-Class rack servers which feature fast and energy efficient DDR3 memory technology. Cisco is a logical extension of the product line complementing our upgrades for HP, IBM, Oracle and Dell servers,” stated Paul Henke, Director of Technology at Dataram.

Dataram also offers cost-effective memory upgrades for Oracle’s newest Enterprise T-Series servers, with SPARC T4 memory at a savings of up to 70%.

Dataram’s DRST4 family of memory upgrades feature the latest energy-efficient DDR3 memory technologies that utilize ECC (error checking and correcting) and are fully validated for use with Oracle’s SPARC T4 8-core processor. Memory is available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB kits, each consisting of a matched pair of DIMMs.

In addition, Dataram now has a line of products for the Fujitsu Primergy Servers and SPARC Enterprise UNIX servers. The Primergy family is divided into tower, rack and blade configurations similar to Cisco UCS, Dell PowerEdge, HP ProLiant and IBM System X. The Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise line encompasses the same models that are marketed by Oracle as Sun Microsystems servers.

Dataram will soon debut new cost-effective memory upgrades for IBM’s latest power servers featuring Power7 processors.

About Dataram

Founded in 1967, Dataram is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of high-quality computer memory, storage and software products. Our products and services deliver IT infrastructure optimization, dramatically increase application performance and deliver substantial cost savings. Dataram solutions are deployed in 70 Fortune 100 companies and in mission-critical government and defense applications around the world. For more information about Dataram, visit

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