Rayonier Announces Tax Treatment Of 2011 Dividends

Rayonier (NYSE:RYN) today announced the tax reporting information for its 2011 cash distributions (dividends) on its Common Stock.

The dividends, totaling $1.52 per share, adjusted for the 3 for 2 stock split distributed on August 24, 2011, were paid quarterly as follows: $0.36 on March 31, 2011; $0.36 on June 30, 2011; $0.40 on Sept. 30, 2011; and $0.40 on Dec. 31, 2011, and are classified for income tax purposes as $1.52 (100%) Capital Gain Distribution, taxed at a maximum rate of 15 percent.

The following table summarizes the income tax treatment of the company's 2011 dividends. All numbers in the table are reported on a post-split basis and reflect an 11 percent increase effective in the third quarter.

2011 Dividend Tax Reporting Information (Form 1099-DIV)

Rayonier Inc. Common Stock: RYN

CUSIP 754907103


Record Date


Payable Date

Cash Distribution

Per Share


Capital Gain
03/10/2011 03/31/2011 $0.36 $0.36
06/10/2011 06/30/2011 $0.36 $0.36
09/16/2011 09/30/2011 $0.40 $0.40
12/16/2011 12/31/2011 $0.40 $0.40
Totals: $1.52 $1.52

Taxability of the company’s 2011 common stock dividends should not be presumed to be indicative or predictive of the taxability of future company dividends.

Shareholders are encouraged to consult with their tax advisers as to their specific tax treatment of Rayonier dividends.

For further information, visit the company’s website at www.rayonier.com. Complimentary copies of Rayonier press releases and other financial documents are available by calling 1-800-RYN-7611.

About Rayonier

Rayonier is a leading international forest products company with three core businesses: Forest Resources, Real Estate and Performance Fibers. The company owns, leases or manages 2.7 million acres of timber and land in the United States and New Zealand. The company's holdings include approximately 200,000 acres with residential and commercial development potential along the Interstate 95 corridor between Savannah, Ga., and Daytona Beach, Fla. Its Performance Fibers business is one of the world's leading producers of high-value specialty cellulose fibers, which are used in products such as filters, pharmaceuticals and LCD screens. Approximately 45 percent of the company's sales are outside the U.S. to customers in approximately 40 countries. Rayonier is structured as a real estate investment trust. More information is available at  www.rayonier.com .

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