5 Technologies CES 2012 Just Killed

NEW YORK ( MainStreet) -- CES gadgets can make 3-D replicas, smarten up your car and make almost all the technology in your house slimmer and flatter, but they can't stop your old tech toys from becoming obsolete.

The CES carnage may not be as clear as it was last year, when a flood of tablets drowned the minor netbook presence on the floor, but the fallout from this year's offerings will be no less pronounced. Judging by the top products at this year's show, integration is still the one constant at CES.

That's great for the companies putting five gadgets' worth of functions into products smaller than your fist and consumers whose bandolier of tech products now fits in their back pocket. It's not such great news for companies caught behind the curve or late-adopting consumers waiting for technological advances to pause long enough for them to catch their breath or recoup enough funds to get the next big thing.

We took a look at the top trends at CES and found five products that the show effectively bid farewell to in 2012. Their demise may not be immediate, but consider the following products on deathwatch:

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