FEI Company At JP Morgan Healthcare Conference Call Transcript

FEI Company ( FEIC)

JP Morgan Healthcare Conference Call Transcript

January 13, 2012 3:00 PM ET


Donald Kania – CEO


Unidentified Analyst

All right, good afternoon. We are about to get started here. We are very happy to have FEI Company and the Company’s CEO, Don Kania to present. The breakout for this session will be in the Georgian Room.

Donald Kania

Okay. Thanks a lot. It’s good to have everybody visit, appreciate your time and give you a view of the story of FEI. So, the usual Safe Harbor statements, don’t believe anything I say and don’t hold it against us. And then, just so, for those of you who knew the story, it was FEI. We make really fancy microscopes that see atoms basically. We can see and manipulate the atomic scale and we apply that to a lot of different markets.

So, our thesis is, new technology leader in the marketplace and then, customize those. We have three technologies that are core to this and customize those technologies for those markets. So, our R&D investment is highly leveraged overall. And you can see some – we’re all about imagery and analytics that is seeing things that are very small and then, telling you which atoms are which. So, there is a variety of industries that I will talk about that we serve.

I think overall there are two parts of the puzzle. One is the many industries and the other is that there is many geographic – there is a geographic diversity of the company and I love all these pictures. In the upper right, there is President Obama in front of an FEI microscope. That happens when Intel Corporation had Obama visit and when Intel wanted to show off what they were doing, what did they do? They put him in front of an FEI microscope and we are quite proud of that. So that’s our semiconductor business we call it electronics overall. Below that Dr. Daniel Shechtman in our research business won the Nobel Prize in chemistry this year and we are especially proud, there he is in front of the microscope.

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