Polypore International's CEO Presents At Needham 2012 Growth Conference (Transcript)

Polypore International, Inc. ( PPO)

Needham 2012 Growth Conference Call

January 11, 2012 4:50 PM ET


Robert Toth – President and CEO

Lynn Amos – CFO, Treasurer and Secretary



Okay let’s get started. The next presentation will be from Polypore International. We’re recommending PPO shares as we think this is company that’s well positioned to benefit from the evolution of the electric vehicle landscape. At this point in time I am pleased to introduce the COO of Polypore Bob Toth and CFO, Lynn Amos also to let everyone know we’re bringing more chairs too. So be patient, thanks.

Robert Toth

Okay, well thanks everyone for taking time to join us today, I appreciate it and I have a quicker here with no obvious button on it. So this will be interesting. I’ll guess which one moves it, good.

I’ll jump right into it. We’ll try to give you some time for Q&A afterwards. I’ll try to keep this at the right level for everyone whether you’re new or pretty familiar with the story. What we are is a leading global high technology filtration company with our core capability in microporous membranes. So as you think about filtration, what we do is we center our capability in microporous membranes. What’s a membrane?

Some of you probably know extremely well what a membrane is but let me kind of describe it right. Your skin is a membrane. There are not holes in the membrane. You get a whole in your skin blood would be squirting out but right now all that’s coming off is CO2 penetrating that membrane, right. So we make membranes not things with holes in it. And we’ll talk about how we apply that to four different businesses.

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