Wellness Is Word of the Day at ICR XChange

MIAMI ( TheStreet) -- Wellness is all the rage at the ICR XChange conference in Miami.

It seems every company is somehow trying to connect itself to the word no matter what the product. From lululemon Athletica ( LULU) to Jamba ( JMBA), it's all about wellness.

Lululemon's Christine Day noted that her yoga wear is connected to a wellness lifestyle. She also rolled her eyes at the haters that point to slowing sales.

"I'd like to see another apparel company that sold at full price over the holidays for an increase in sales," she remarked.

The company lifted its outlook for the fourth quarter on Tuesday, and the stock is up more than 60% in the past year, backing up Day's confidence.

Jamba, the owner and operator of Jamba Juice stores, is also the wellness bandwagon.

CEO James White pointed out that his company has always been about healthy beverages. He noted that in addition to fruit smoothies, the company has added vegetables to its drinks and nutritional food to its menu.

Jamba is also partnering with various health programs. White also said he's not concerned about Starbucks' recent announcement of plans to enter the fruit drink smoothie space.

"Our sales went up when McDonald's entered the space, so I expect that Starbucks will have the same effect," he said.

Michael McDevitt, the CEO of Medifast ( MED) noted that his weight loss products were originally purchased only at doctor's offices. Obesity is such a huge health problem and McDevitt pointed out that his customers lose weight faster with his product than they do with Weight Watchers International ( WTW).

The customers of Chef's Warehouse Holdings ( CHEF) have always wanted the finest most exclusive, exotic foods, but even CEO Chris Pappas has noticed a rising desire for the freshest ingredients possible.

"I've been asked for fish caught within two hours and chickens slaughtered within four," he said.

Even alcohol is trying to get healthy. Private company Veev is selling a vodka based on acai. It wants its customers to feel good when ordering the vodka. Call it the liquor equivalent to being green.

-- Written by Debra Borchardt.
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