Rackspace And ScaleXtreme To Host Joint Webinar

ScaleXtreme, the leading provider of server automation for the distributed datacenter, is presenting a joint webinar with Rackspace® Hosting (NYSE: RAX), the world’s leading specialist in the hosting and cloud computing industry.

The webinar will show how Rackspace customers can use ScaleXtreme’s server management products to launch, manage and control Rackspace servers. Attendees will learn how to launch multiple servers using ScaleXtreme’s powerful Dynamic Server Assembly™ technology, run automation scripts to help with routine server management and create a bridge between your on-premise servers and your cloud-hosted machines.

“Rackspace is one of the most respected names in Infrastructure-as-a-Service and we’re pleased to offer its customers a way to get even more from their server deployments,” says Nand Mulchandani, CEO of ScaleXtreme. “Our service helps people get their servers provisioned faster and their basic server tasks automated so they can spend more time working on what matters most.”

ScaleXtreme’s Software-as-a-Service product is free to use for an unlimited number of servers. The product offers script sharing and version control, templates, automation scripts for backup and configuration changes as well as direct access to machine kernels from anywhere. The webinar will cover how to get started using ScaleXtreme’s product on Rackspace, how to rapidly ramp up a Rackspace deployment using Dynamic Server Assembly™ and how to automate scripts across many Rackspace machines. In addition, customers using Rackspace servers in conjunction with enterprise physical or virtual servers can use ScaleXtreme to seamlessly manage both environments through a single interface.

“The Rackspace Cloud Tools Program strives to bring our customers exciting products that can help them more easily manage their cloud computing needs,” said Ven Shanmugam, Senior Manager, Strategy and Corporate Development, at Rackspace. “As part of the Cloud Tools Program, ScaleXtreme offers Rackspace customers a simple and scalable platform to manage all their Cloud Servers.”

Rackspace/ScaleXtreme Webinar:

January 18, 2012 (10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PST)

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