Advanced Photonix, Inc. Announces Terahertz Industrial Sales

Advanced Photonix, Inc. ® (NYSE Amex: API), announces today that it has shipped its T-Ray 4000 ® system to two companies in the Fortune 100. One customer is using the system to develop the quality control protocol to perform 100% final inspection of a packaged nutritional supplement product. The other customer is using the system to develop process and quality control protocols for inspection of its products. Both customers plan to deploy multiple systems on the manufacturing floor in the future.

The ability of terahertz energy to penetrate non-conducting materials enables non-destructive inspection of solid and liquid products after they have been packaged. The T-Ray 4000 ® provides sensitivity to both physical and chemical changes in the product. Measurements of thickness, density, and certain material properties can be used to monitor process and product quality. Although initial work on application feasibility is often performed at Picometrix, large customers and value-added resellers further develop their proprietary quality and process control solutions in their laboratory and pilot production facilities. Customers then deploy these quality control solutions on the manufacturing floor.

“Our customers are investing significant resources to deploy our T-Ray 4000 ® quality control systems in their manufacturing environment and these two customers are examples of our continued penetration in the industrial market,” said Robin Risser, COO of API. “Our industrially hardened T-Ray 4000 ® is ideally suited for the challenges of manufacturing quality control and provides a foundation to develop a robust, worldwide value-added reseller distribution channel to develop, deploy and service the end-user. We are working with a growing number of OEM’s to develop applications for future deployments on the manufacturing floor in partnership with our value-added reseller distribution channel.”

About Advanced Photonix, Inc.

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