UEI’s Connected Remote also brings a host of benefits to today’s connected consumers, where an estimated 70% of tablet users use their tablets while watching television. Through Wi-Fi Direct, UEI’s Connected Remotes will be able to wirelessly connect to tablets and add them to the control ecosystem, providing a simpler, more user-friendly TV viewing experience.

Current “IR bridge” solutions are expensive and hard to set up with limited appeal to mainstream consumers because the “bridge” has no consumer benefit when the tablet is absent.

UEI’s Connected Remote will bring added value in leveraging the rich user interface of those touch screen devices by enabling:
  • a lean forward control experience when a tablet is used and a lean back experience with the connected remote when the tablet is removed;
  • zero set-up and configuration of the UEI touch screen control app so users can be up and running in minutes; and
  • Wi-Fi Direct integration that adds minimal component cost to the traditional remote but delivers a huge value-add in terms of performance and connectivity.

“With the ability to connect our remotes to many Wi-Fi devices in the home, we will be able to bring a host of new features and services that will make the remote control, not only an integral feature, but also a key component of the connected home,” said Paul Arling, chairman and chief executive officer of UEI. “The opportunity to partner with Ozmo, who shares the same innovative spirit as UEI, promises to bring exciting new product solutions for our customers and end users.”

“Leveraging the ubiquitous Wi-Fi infrastructure and our current technology roadmap, we believe we have a strong market advantage compared to existing wireless remote control technologies like RF4CE and Bluetooth,” said Bill McLean, Ozmo’s chief executive officer. “As the worldwide leader in wireless AV control, UEI brings a rich history of innovative product introductions that have shaped the remote control industry. We are excited to have chosen UEI as our partner in this market and look forward to jointly driving a new standard in connectivity for home entertainment peripherals.”

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