Federal News Service Launches ELECTION 2012: Gathering Broadcast Clips, Internet Monitoring And Transcripts For A Full Picture Of Campaign Events

Federal News Service LLC announced today the launch of its ELECTION 2012 service providing timely, accurate, verbatim transcripts covering every major presidential candidate as well as searchable TV and online monitoring.

“We’ve put together the big three components: online, TV and verbatim transcripts,” said Rebecca Snyder, Federal News Service’s vice president and general manager. “We created the new ELECTION 2012 service to provide a broad and deep perspective on the upcoming presidential election, delivered in a unique format that allows subscribers easy access to national as well as the all-important local sources,” she said.

“If you require reliable media monitoring and rapid delivery of what candidates actually said, then ELECTION 2012 is exactly what you need,” Snyder added.

Subscribers to ELECTION 2012 receive:
  • Verbatim transcripts of public remarks by all the candidates, extending across key interviews, speeches and public appearances, along with complete transcripts of the debates,
  • Monitoring of relevant print, online and broadcast election content at national, state and local levels from all broadcast markets nationwide,
  • Extensive archives from the beginning of this campaign cycle with additional material added daily, and
  • Searching, tracking and notification tools allowing subscribers to make efficient use of ELECTION 2012’s powerful capabilities.

ELECTION 2012 is available as a freestanding service to subscribers or it can be added to existing customer subscription packages. Individual transcripts of election-related events also are available at Fed News’ online store at http://www.fednews.com.

To subscribe to ELECTION 2012 or for more information, contact Fed News Sales Manager Jim Cameron at jim.cameron@fednews.com or by telephone at (800) 211-4020 or (202) 216-2801.

Federal News Service LLC is a market-leading provider of reality content serving the political and government sectors centered in Washington. Utilizing sector-expert staff and technology, Fed News produces a wide range of transcripts from Presidential public appearances and major Congressional hearings to events at the White House and various U.S. government departments and key Presidential campaign events. Its rapid-turnaround coverage also extends to major executive branches including the departments of Defense, Energy, State, Health, Homeland Security and Justice. Its media monitoring group provides downloadable clips from U.S. broadcast markets and tracks and analyzes TV, radio and Internet occurrences.

“All of its products are fully searchable to facilitate quick location of important phrases or names,” Snyder said.

In addition to ELECTION 2012, other Federal News Service offerings include:
  • Washington Transcripts, delivering to subscribers exactly what was said, almost in real time, from Washington, D.C., newsmakers.
  • Media Monitoring Tools to track, measure and assess the effectiveness of media messages or track important issues and newsmakers.
  • On-Demand Transcription Service, transforming audio material into a readable format quickly and accurately.
  • On-Demand Translation Service, accurately translating documents or text among more than 60 languages.

“Fed News transcripts are produced by our highly specialized team of experts based in Washington, D.C.,” Snyder explained. “We have deep domain expertise and combine unmatched accuracy with very rapid production.”

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