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NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- During the last week of the year, volume tends to be light, due to the fact that big-money traders are busy enjoying the holidays and waiting for their year-end bonuses.

I was not planning on doing much this week because of the low volume, but after reviewing some charts and risk levels on my top 5 trading vehicles, I could not help but share my findings with everyone last Friday. You can see what I talked about on Friday here .

This Wednesday turned out to be an exciting session, with all 5 of my trade ideas moving in our favor right on queue. Below are charts of the 5 investments moving in the directions we anticipated :

Dollar bounced off support:

Stocks are topping and selling off:

Oil looks to have topped and is selling off:

Gold and silver are moving lower:

VIX (volatility index) just bounced:

Many of my readers took full advantage of my recent analysis and trade ideas, which is great to hear. All the different ways individuals used to make money from Friday's analysis is mind-blowing.

The most common trade is the oil one, with most traders adding more to Tuesday when the price reached its key resistance level on the chart. Also, many traders took partial profits Wednesday, locking in 3% or more in two days using the SCO ( SCO) ETF.

It's amazing how many people like to trade the vix using ETFs. The best trade from followers thus far was an 8% gain in TVIX ( TVIX), which was bought 5 days ago, anticipating the pop in volatility that I had been talking about last week. Keep in mind, ETFs for trading the vix are not very good, in general. I stay away from them, but TVIX is the best I found so far.

Wednesday, stocks were oversold, falling sharply from the pre-market highs. Meaning stocks have fallen too far too fast and a bounce is likely to take place Thursday.

Also, we saw some panic selling hit the market today, with 14 sellers to 1 buyer. That level tells me that the market needs some time to recover and build up strength for another selloff later this week or next. We will see this pause unfold when the S&P 500 drifts higher for a session or two with light buying volume. This will confirm sellers are in control and give us another short setup.

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