BioCryst Pharmaceuticals

One under-$10 name in the biotechnology and drugs complex that could be putting in a bottom here is BioCryst Pharmaceuticals ( BCRX). This company designs, optimizes and develops novel drugs that block enzymes involved in cancer, viral infections and autoimmune diseases. This stock has taken it on the chin in 2011 with shares off by over 50%.

If you take a look at the chart for BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, you'll notice that this stock has dropped sharply from its October high of $3.33 to a recent low of $2.28 a share. That recent drop has taken the stock down to retest a previous support zone from back in August at around $2.30 a share. If BCRX can manage to hold up around these levels, it could easily be putting in a near-term bottom. This potential bottom could offer a decent risk-to-reward rebound trade since the stock has spiked a number of times up to $3.40 to $3.30, whenever its hit $2.40 to $2.30 in the past few months.

Once could be a buyer of this stock off any noticeable weakness and simply use a mental stop a few percentage points below that $2.30 a share. Look for confirmation of a bottom if we start to see some decent upside volume in the near future. Volume should be considered bullish if the stock is moving higher and it's tracking in close to or above its three-month average action of 162,783 shares. Volume so far today is at 93,000, which is a bit light, so watch to see if that volume gets better into the close, or in the next few trading sessions.

BioCryst Pharmaceuticals is also another heavily shorted name since around 11% of their tradable float is currently sold short by the bears. If this stock is truly putting in a bottom, then look for those bears to cover some of their short positions and lock in profits.

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