Nick Parrino said: "Thanks for writing this article. The same thing happened to me at I ordered a special that emailed to me. Paid for and received a confirmation of payment. The next day I received an email the items had shipped and that I would receive it within five days. I forgot about the shipping date and realized I hadn't received the item after two weeks. I made some phone calls only to hear Sams Club blame FedEx for losing the items. I called my brother- in-law (a Fedex hub manager) to see if he could help me. He traced the item by intended delivery address (tracking number wasn't valid). Sam's Club generated a label but never had the item available for Fedex to pickup. I find these tactics by Sam's Club terrible. The next thing I know, I receive an email stated they refunded my money. Now I am left without the items I had planned on giving as gifts. I think falls into the same category with Best Buy."

Cancelled Orders e-mailed: "Same thing happened with -- Two weeks after placing a Black Friday online order, they cancelled 10 of 16 items that we ordered."

- Reported by Jeanine Poggi in New York.

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