UBS 39th Annual Global Media and Communications Conference Call

December 5, 2011 11:00 a.m. ET


George Barrios - Chief Financial Officer


Unidentified Speaker

Great. Good afternoon ,everybody. Welcome to the UBS Media Conference. It’s a pleasure to have with us today, George Barrios, the CFO of WWE. Prior to that he was VP and Treasurer at New York Times Company, prior to that CFO of New England Media Group. Also holding positions as President and COO of Netsilicon. Prior to that at HBO, among other things. So I want to jump right into it because we are on a tight frame. With that, George?

George Barrios

Thanks, Brian. Before we go the Q&A, I just wanted to give a brief overview of WWE. Strategically, we are at our core, an IP company and have been very successful over our history in securing all our rights and maintaining those. So while we license those rights out to different windows, for the most part we own 100% of our IP. The core of that IP is 100,000 hour library, of which about 30,000 is today digitized and commercially available for exploitation.

Operationally, I think one of the things that makes us very interesting is the diversity of our revenue platforms. We play in just about every media platform that there is, whether it’s pay-per-view, live event, TV licensing, advertising, home entertainment, music, digital advertising, sponsorship and so on. The other thing that makes us interesting is the global nature of our business. Roughly, 25% of the business today comes outside of the U.S. and our major countries are outside of the U.S. Even though we are -- our television show is seen 140 countries, we generate economics in about 40 countries. Our top four, five countries would be the UK, Mexico, India, Australia. So some diversity, even within the geographic diversity.

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